tadpole school!

Summer is officially in full swing over here.  We've already been to the pool and the zoo and it's only the second week of June!  Nick and I have been joking that summer is practically over already with all of the busy things we have on the calendar these next few weeks, it will likely go quick this year.  Now that Edwin is a little older there are a few fun things I am looking forward to doing with him this summer.  One of them was catching tadpoles!  I rallied a group of friends to meet at a park and armed with buckets, scoopers, and strainers, the kids spent the morning catching tons of tadpoles and had a blast doing it.  I planned a little "lesson" to go along and read the kids a few tadpole books, talked about the life cycle of a frog, and we even did a frog craft project.  It was fun to plan something a little more structured for a play date, and it felt good to use some of my hard earned teaching skills.  I'm also just amazed at the new stage of learning Edwin has reached lately.  He is soaking up everything like a little sponge and I am realizing just how much this little person is capable of learning right now.  I have a feeling we will find ourselves at this park again over the next couple of weeks, getting our feet wet, and watching the polliwogs grow!


arthur @ two months

Our little guy turns two months old this week, and just as I was hoping, has started flashing us those charming baby grins!  Arthur is a good natured and predictable baby.  He is a great eater, and I just want to smoosh those chubby cheeks all day long!  He has started taking a bottle so I can get out of the house and coach Moms On The Run a couple nights a week too.  I really debated whether or not I should coach right now because the season started when he was just 5 weeks old, but fitness has been such a passion of mine throughout the years that it feels really good to be pursuing something that I am interested in that is making a difference in the lives of other moms.  I am really grateful to have found a little job that works well for my family right now.

Also, I wasn't really sure if I would continue to post baby pictures here.  It's gotten more challenging for me to keep up with photography, creative hobbies, and blogging these last couple of years, but I would like Arthur to have a few baby pictures, seeing as I took about a million of his big brother.  So, I'm going to hold myself accountable this year and at least pop in every couple of months with a baby pic or two.  We are getting ready to take Arthur to our family cabin for the first time this weekend.  Here's to our first real getaway as a family of 4!


welcome arthur thomas!

Our second son, Arthur Thomas, is 3 weeks old today.  It's been a whirlwind of celebrations and late night nursing.  He is a very sweet baby and it already feels like he's been in our family forever.  I am so thankful for the help we've received from our family and friends these last few weeks as we transition into a family of four.  We are all doing well and feel very blessed to have this new little boy in our lives.

I made sure to take a few pictures of Arthur when he was just two weeks old and still in his sleepy newborn stage.  We are definitely enjoying his sweet baby snuggles, but Nick and I are already so excited for the adventure that lies ahead with these two boys.  Welcome Arthur!  You have an amazing big brother and parents who are totally crazy about you.  Thank you for making our family complete!


my last pregnancy

Here we are - 38 weeks and counting!  I can't believe I am so near the end of this second pregnancy journey.  It has been a wonderful experience carrying this baby and I absolutely cannot wait to meet him or her!  I have been fortunate to have had two very good pregnancies and it's sometimes hard for me to grasp that this will likely be my last one.  I decided to ask a friend to take a few photos of my last baby bump now that we are so near the end.  I'm excited to have these pictures to remember this special time in my life and I can't wait to share them with my children someday.  I'm one of those women who genuinely enjoys being pregnant, even in those moments when my ribs feel bruised, I get heartburn, or I can barely put my socks on! ;)  I still feel very healthy and strong and really do enjoy this time.
One of the best parts of this pregnancy is how relaxing it has been.  Being home with my son during this time has truly been a joy and is such a stark contrast from the anxiety I felt before and after my first was born.  I feel ready (as ready as I can be I guess) to be a mother of two and am very much looking forward to the fun, challenging, and rewarding times that lie ahead.  Edwin has been very sweet and genuinely seems excited to meet this new baby.  He is 100% convinced that it's going to be a little sister, so I hope he's not too disappointed if a little brother comes along!  We are almost set on names...nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?!
These next couple of weeks will be spent enjoying this beautiful spring weather we are having, going for walks in the sunshine, and doing last minute preparation at home while we wait for baby to arrive.  I have truly cherished this time as a pregnant mama, but am also looking forward to those sweet baby snuggles and finding a new rhythm for my family of 4.  Can't wait to meet you baby!
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